Risk Analysis

Change brings with it unknown risks. We will help you uncover the unknown and assign costs so that technical issues become business decisions. Ask yourself these questions and then call us to help measure the answer :

  • How long will it take to cut over to the new system and what happens if that deadline is not met?

  • Will my end users need training and what happens if they are not receptive?

  • What training will the programmers need and will we have time for the training?

  • How fast of a computer is required for the replatforming and what happens if it is not fast enough?

  • Which employees will have to change duties and what happens if they are not available?

  • How many software licenses will have to be purchased and how to we make sure we do not purchase too many?

  • How do we identify technical problems early in the conversion process?

  • What parts of the conversion are complex and how can the complexity be simplified?

  • How do we make sure the new environment meets the security requirements?

  • How do we make sure that the data is secure while being converted to the new system?

  • How do you make sure that contractual obligations are met?

  • How much does it cost to delay a decision to replatform ?

We are here to help you with these important decisions. Please email us at info@replatformtech.com, or call Michael Potter at 770-815-6142