Replatform Technologies announces the release of Open Source EZASOKET library.

Replatform Technologies, LLC announces the release of an open source implementation of EZASOKET for Linux, Windows and any *NIX system.

EZASOKET is a popular interface on IBM Mainframes implementing the Socket interface. EZASOKET is a product of IBM; Open Source EZASOKET is a product of Replatform Technologies and released under the Lesser GNU Public License. This library allows code originally written for IBM mainframe to be recompiled and run on Linux, WIndows, and any *NIX system.

Originally part of OpenKicks, the open source implementation of EZASOKET was split off as a separate project.

The implementation includes a test suite written in COBOL and is hosted at code.google.com/p/ezasoket.

If you want to use the Open Source EZASOKET library but have concerns about the license, please email us at info@replatformtech.com, or call Michael Potter at 770-815-6142.