Return On Investment

There will are several factors that affect ROI of any replatforming project:

  • Savings from avoiding hardware upgrades to mainframe

  • Savings from avoiding software upgrades to mainframe

  • Savings from elimination of mainframe

  • Investment in new hardware. Investing in new hardware not only includes the hardware to run the application, it also affects other servers in your organization. We can help you determine how those affects will affect cost

  • Investment in new software licenses. Software licenses are likely to be higher percentage of the cost of than hardware. We can help you minimize the need for software license count and therefore minimize this cost.

  • Investment in upgrading existing hardware. Using your existing hardware can save thousands of dollars. We can help you find ways to cost effectively use existing hardware such as development or pre-production testing.

  • Investment in upgrade existing licenses. Using your existing software licenses can save you tens of thousands of dollars. It can also leverage your existing expertise.

  • Investment in internal personnel during conversion. We will help you identify the skills in your organization that can transferred to the new platform and identify system options that maximize existing skills.

  • Investment in retraining end users. Most replatforming projects will require no retraining of end users.

  • Investment in retraining support staff. We will provide or recommend training of your support staff (programmers, system administrators, and help desk personnel).

  • Investment in hiring new employees. We can help you decide if it is most cost effective to hire the new skills needed.

  • Investment in external personnel during conversion. We specialize in providing the skills needed during the conversion process. This keeps your staff focused on the skills they will needed for the day to day support that will be needed after the conversion is done.