Mortsort is a set of utilities for sorting and manipulating data. Mortsort is named for the flagship utility of the set, Mortsort, which was named for the fun mnemonic “Mortsort is more than sort”.

Mortsort can be used to replace the functionality of DFSORT when rewriting JCL scripts to run on Linux (or any supported platform). Mortsort can also be used as an inexpensive alternative to SyncSort.

The various file formats are handled by plug-ins, so if you have a unique file format, it is likely to be supported simply by writing a loadable module, rather than changes to the Mortsort utilities.

While primarily targeted for mainframe users migrating to Linux, Mortsort supports windows, mac OS x, and various variants of Unix including Aix, Solaris, and Hpux.

Also of interest to users who are not migrating from mainframe are the parallels of the Mortsort utilizes to the classic Unix utilities grep,sort, cut. The Mortsort utilities share the name of the classic Unix utility that they most resemble. The Mortsort utilities also support piping so that complex functionality can be built from simple components.

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