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Notes on presentations:

The presentations include recorded demos which do not convert well to .pdf files. I am available to give these presentations, so feel free to contact me for rates. These presentations are copyrighted. You may feel free to view it from this site, but you are not allowed to distribute it without my permission. Feel free to ask for permission, it is likely you will get it.


This presentation focuses on the features of bash 3.x that promote the creation of robust scripts. It demonstrates why it is important to use the library

OpenKicks Presentation

This presentation gives a technical introduction to OpenKicks. The live version of this presentation contains prerecorded demos which are not in this .pdf document. Contact to arrange a webex presentation

sudo presentation

This presentation gives an introduction to sudo, and then discusses the features of sudo that are important to implement to ensure a secure system

JCL to bash

This presentation discusses select details of converting JCL to bash by creating a bash library that serves as a starting point for a conversion project. is a bash library used to demonstrate concepts in converting JCL to bash. Parts of this file are used in my “JCL to bash” presentation

psf by Tony Field (link will open in a new window)

psf (or post script formatter) is a command that formats text files into postscript for printing. Some options include 2up and 4up printing, adding headers, and specifying the number of columns and rows to fit on a page. This is not to be confused with more prevalent print formatters named psf.

ps2pdf (link will open in a new window)

ps2pdf converts post script files to pdf files. It is very straight forward to run.

Image processing: blob detecting using JAVA

This is a sample program using the blobDetection.jar file from This program takes one argument, a .jpg file, and displays it on the screen with the detected blobs circled in red.