Replatform Technologies, LLC offers services porting COBOL programs to GnuCOBOL, IBM COBOL for AIX, MicroFocus COBOL and Fujitsu COBOL. Regardless of the source of the programs and regardless of your choice of target operating system we can help. For programs originating on z/OS or z/VSE we offer unique ability to port source containing EZASOKET and CICS calls using Open Source EZASOKET and OpenKicks respectively.

There are literally hundreds of combinations of target systems, here is a sample of some, ranging from completely closed source to completely open source:

  1. AIX, IBM COBOL for AIX and DB2

  2. AIX, GnuCOBOL and DB2.

  3. zLinux, GnuCOBOL and Oracle.

  4. zLinux, MicroFocus and DB2.

  5. Intel Linux, Fujitsu, and Postgres DB.

  6. Intel Linux running under VMWare using GnuCOBOL and DB2 Express-C


And if needed, Open Source EZASOKET and OpenKicks can run on any of the above platforms.


Call us at 770-815-6142, or email to to get started. If you are able to send us your source code we can give you a fixed price quote.