Michael Potter, founder and CEO of Replatform Technologies LLC, is the sole architect of the OpenKicks and MortSort software programs. Previously Michael was the VP of Information Services for LIDP Consulting in Woodbridge, IL, a leading provider of services and software to the insurance industry.

As manager of the IT department, he has a long record of accomplishment as a solutions-driven strategist in aligning IT organizations with objectives to improve efficiency and service, while reducing costs. During the last 20 years he has worked extensively with a host of top companies, including The Hartford, Columbian Financial Group and Insular Life Assurance. He has years of experience working with professionals in the Philippines, China, Europe and Israel.

He has also held a variety of engineering positions with DAI Technologies, FCCI and the Seed Science Center. He is also President of Uniforum Chicago, an international association of open systems professionals.

In addition, he is also a frequent public speaker throughout America on IT. Some of his presentations at SHARE Conferences, Uniforum Chicago and WAVV are available under “Downloads”.

Michael is a native Iowan and was graduated from Iowa State University in 1989 with an M.S. in Engineering and a minor in Computer Engineering. You can find Michael’s profile on Linkedin.com or contact him directly by

sending an e-mail to Michael@Potter.Name

What our clients are saying

“There is no question that Mike Potter is the foremost expert on the FastCICS component of the Administration system distributed by LIDP. He works fast and efficient, covers all bases and is conscientious of his client’s time. He ensures that all billable hours are spent productively and will even offer to cut the consultation short if he feels spending more time will no longer be fruitful. He has proved to be the best choice among all available alternatives and hiring him has definitely helped us meet our intended targets.”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Pompeyo Catindig

Manager, Insular Life